Collaboration between communities, governments and institutions

Nipîy Tu Research and Knowledge Centre works collaboratively with communities, federal and provincial governments, academic institutions, non-profit organizations and other partners to ensure the restoration, protection and promotion of the ecological health and cultural integrity of the Peace-Athabasca Delta and its people.

Inquiries for collaboration with Nipîy Tu Research and Knowledge Centre are reviewed on a case by case basis and are at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

An Indigenous-led organization dedicated to protecting the Peace-Athabasca Delta and its people.

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Mobile Laboratory to arrive in Fort Chipewyan in February 2024
February 26, 2024

NTRKC is introducing a mobile laboratory in Fort Chipewyan in late February 2024

A Message from Nipîy Tu's first Executive Director
February 19, 2024

Tammy Riel, NTRKC's first Executive Director, begins her work with NTRKC with a message

Nipîy Tu welcomes its first Executive Director
January 31, 2024

NTRKC is excited to announce a significant milestone in its journey: the appointment of our first Executive Director, Tammy Riel