A Message from Nipîy Tu's first Executive Director

Tammy Riel, Nipîy Tu Research and Knowledge Centre (NTRKC)'s first Executive Director, begins her work with NTRKC with the following words:

"The stewardship of the Peace-Athabasca Delta is not just a responsibility but an honor. The role of NTRKC in this endeavor is pivotal, and as I begin my part, I am mindful of the trust placed in my hands. This role is not a mere job; it is a commitment, a promise to the land and the people who hold it sacred.

The preservation of our natural heritage is more crucial now than ever, and Nipîy Tu Research and Knowledge Centre (NTRKC) stands as a beacon of hope and innovation to guide this work. The intricate tapestry of ecological and cultural stewardship is woven with threads of tradition and modernity, passion and pragmatism, and the convergence of dreams with reality. It is here, at the heart of this confluence, that I begin my journey as the Executive Director of Nipiy Tu Research and Knowledge Centre.

The potential that NTRKC holds is vast. It is not just a centre for research; it is a nexus for learning, sharing, and safeguarding our natural and cultural heritage. The opportunities for PAD-specific research, educational programs, and innovative stewardship are boundless. The impact of our work will extend far beyond the confines of Fort Chipewyan, reaching global audiences and linking the Indigenous knowledge of the Fort Chipewyan people with the world at large.

Leadership in such a context is about knitting together a community of diverse individuals and Nations, rich with their unique histories, insights and aspirations. It is about leading in crucial conversations that are culturally informed, recognizing the delicate fabric of our shared human experience. It is about being fearless in the pursuit of knowledge, not shying away from the difficult spaces that challenge us to integrate Indigenous Knowledge with Western Science in order to protect our cultural and environmental rights.

Inspired by this sacred duty of stewardship, let us join together to weave tradition and innovation, passion and wisdom, into a sustainable future for our generations to come. Together, we can make a difference."

- Tammy Riel, Executive Director, NTRKC

Tammy Riel, Executive Director, NTRKC

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